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We are having Family Court Lawyers with extensive experience exclusively in Divorce, Maintenance and Childern Custody cases. We are the known Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai Bandra Thane.

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Experienced and Knowledgeable Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai, Bandra, Thane

Divorce and Family case Lawyers at Paresh Desai and Associates are the experienced and knowledgeable Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai Bandra Thane. They deal with property cases, monthly maintenance cases, shelter, children custody cases. This includes determining marital property, debts and assets, as well as determining whether and to what extent one spouse should provide the other with alimony/maintenance. If there are children involved, children custody cases and child maintenance cases must also be considered. Parenting Plans, must be drafted and agreed upon by the parties or the terms ordered by the Court. Our Divorce Lawyer in Bandra are experienced in all issues that confront all matrimonial issues before the Family Law Lawyers in Family Courts.

We have been providing a large spectrum of services including Divorce Attorneys Services to our valuable clients. There may be some grounds on the basis of which you have filed for a divorce or planning to do it. We know how difficult it can be in many cases for our clients, and we can definitely understand with their situation. We strive to keep our clients informed and to be responsive to their concerns. This is a personal goal for each one of us at our best law firm. We will communicate with you and work to expedite your case as quickly as possible throughout the process. Under these circumstances, our objective is to represent you to attain the best result to which you are legally entitled. Our Divorce Lawyer in Thane are experienced, thorough and aggressive litigators, and we try to provide you with the best Divorce Lawyer in Bandra and family law lawyers at Family Courts at Mumbai and Thane.

Our Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai Bandra Thane provides the best solution As the court choices depend on certainties and proof, Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai would enable you to get the reality to out with confirm so you can advance your case in a substantially more grounded way to the court. We comprehend the law and that is the reason we can comprehend your concern superior to others. additionally, if the other party is requesting substantial divorce settlement motivate of being very much utilized, and after that we can help you to demonstrate this reality and spare you from a fortune. Further, our clients praise us for our scheduled execution, fast speed and satisfactory performance of professionals.

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For taking divorce by mutual consent husband and wife has to file Petition along with Consent Terms. Party can approach the Family Court on their own or with assistance of Family Court Lawyer.
For divorce by mutual consent from date of filing it takes 6 months. During 6 months process like verification, marriage counselling and final evidence are mandatory.
Main requirements are marriage has to complete 1 year, Separation of 1 year is mandatory. Documents like Original Wedding Card, Marriage Photographs, Marriage Certificate, Photo Address Proof, Passport size photos of each party.
If one spouse is not ready for divorce and other spouse wanted divorce then that party can approach Family Court on the ground of cruelty, desertion and file contested petition with available evidence with consultation of Family Court lawyer.

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